Pharmaceuticals such as medicine and vaccines require extremely delicate transportation and temperature regulation. Our products have been applied to a wide range of pharmaceutical application areas.  

Pharmaceuticals require extremely reliable and sensitive temperature regulation solutions.We have a range of different products that can be applied to the pharmaceutical industry. They are cheap, effective and can be re-used. View our recommended products below. 

Recommended Categories 

Gel Ice Packs

Gel ice packs are the most versatile and durable cold transportation product, packed into and around seafood, they help maintain temperatures during long transportation times

Data Loggers

​Any disruptions or rapid changes in temperature can be dangerous during transportation of any sensitive good. Keep track of the temperature of your goods during the whole process with our WiFi data loggers. Send us an enquiry regarding the sale of data loggers.  

Insulated Pallet Covers

Our insulated pallet covers slip over entire pallets of products and are made with a double reinforced air bubble seal. These bad boys are suited especially to the seafood industry and wholesale transport.