Insulated Pallet Covers 

Cost effective pallet liners with reinforced thermal barriers to keep any changes in heat at bay

Insulated Pallet Covers are a cost effective solution for keeping your products protected from extreme temperatures during shipment. Temperature damage can cause various issues with products such as expansion and reduced shelf life. Insulated pallet covers also protect from general mishandling and damage throughout the transportation process. 





1200 x 1200 x 1200



1200 X 1200 X 1200


Reusable and space-efficient 

Our Insulated Pallet covers can be reused which significantly helps to lower costs spent on conventional refrigerated transport methods. Furthermore, our pallet covers fold down to reduce space when not in use, minimising any loss of work space. 

Independently tested 

Our insulated pallet covers have been independently tested. In a controlled environment, the temperature was inflated to extreme levels periodically to test the performance of our product. 

Our pallet covers provide excellent protection from extreme heat, helping you  keep your products cooler for longer. 

Highly Durable 

Our Insulated Pallet Covers are made from a highly innovative insulation material designed to be extremely resistant to any temperature changes. Three layers of insulation material creates a strong temperature barrier which reflect's 98% of radiant heat.  

Labour Efficient 

Our pallet covers are simple and easy to apply. A Velcro detaching side allows for simple application ,reducing labour costs associated with traditional cold transport solutions

Frequently asked questions

Angels & Your Experience

Are the photos of your Companions Real?

Short Answer - Yes. We work with a wonderful photographer ( Rogue Rose Boudoir) who takes our Companions’ photos. We also occasionally bring in new, or budding photographers as well. We personally arrange each photo shoots – it’s one of the many perks the ladies enjoy once they join the Angels Family. Photos are updated typically every 3 Months.

Can I see a picture of my Companions Face?

No we absolutely will not send pictures of a companions face. We believe that discretion works both ways. Some of our Companions do show their faces, some do not, we respect their choice and their privacy.

Can I bring a bottle of wine?

Absolutely, however it must be unopened upon arrival.
If you would like reccomendations of what to bring, please ask one of our booking agents.

What if we don't get along?

If within 5 minutes of your arrival, you and your Companion aren't an ideal match, please let us know. We often have other ladies available. If none of those ladies suit your needs, whether for conversation or the ideal dinner date, you are free to cancel your booking and leave. No hard feelings.

What is the Angel Insider Program?

This is for our loyal clientele, we offer a program that gives them insider info. Ladies all collaborate to create the email that gets sent out to you, sometimes we offer discounts, exclusive content from the angels themselves, event invations and so much more!

What is the newsletter?

It is just that! Its monthly news of new hires, events, and any big changes you have to look forward to!

What do I get for my money?

All rates that are listed are for the time the companion spends with you. Anything that happens between you and an Angel is between two consenting adults. Sassy Angels does not condone nor solicit sexual services, and we will tell you that if you ask. However if you describe your ideal date, we can suggest potential matches for you.


Do you keep my information private?

Absolutely, any of our booking staff have a contract that includes a section for client privacy. Though you will find, if you are a frequent client we will greet you by name, just from the sound of your voice! However should a Client violate the terms and conditions of an encounter with one of our Angels, we will keep that Client’s information on our blacklist.

Celebrity and public figure Non-Disclosure agreements are more than welcome, we also have some on hand!

Can I review your Angels?

Absolutely, we understand that word of mouth is very important. As well as the primary reason for review boards is to keep things honest. We ask that you keep it polite, and classy, and not reveal and private details the Angel may have disclosed to you. If any lady has a no review policy, that means no reviews good or bad, so we will note that in her profile, and even if she doesn't we are still happy for you to review our services for booking.

Im booking at a hotel, do you really need my full name?

Yes, In order to connect to your room we do need a first and last name for the hotel operator to connect the call. We do keep this information private.


How can I pay for the Companions time?

Email Money Tranfer

Can I use you as a reference?

Yes, The safety of everyone in the industry is extremely important to us. We only provide references for clients who have used us within 3 months.

I have a disability is there an issue?

That is never an issue. We do not discriminate; however, we want the experience to be as comfortable as possible. So please let us know of anything we can do to help make your experience the best possible.


What activities can I do with the Angel?

Your imagination is the limit, However we do have some suggestions: Dinner at a New Resturant
Sharing a bottle of fine wine in a hot tub – provided it’s unopened
Go for a Hike
Discussing the newest additions to the R.O.M
Create a Painting together
Enjoying a Tourist Location
Visit the Aquarium If you need help thinking of ideas, feel free to contact us for suggestions.

Is this legal?

Short Answer is yes, You are exchanging money for a companions time. We are simply introducing you to a like minded individual. All of our models are 18 years of age or older, and have been screened for age, as well as other factors of employment. If you're looking for the longer answer, please send us an email, and we will be happy to direct to our legal team!

Why do you Health Screen the Angels if we aren't having sex?

Because sex isn't the only way to catch illness. We screen the ladies to make sure that their health is taken care of, if you share a glass of wine, you won't need to worry. Plus the Angels health is very important to us, we want to make sure they are healthy, happy and safe.

Does the Angel offer XYZ?

Frankly, we don't know, and we do not condone nor solicit sexual services as that is considered illegal. We are only here to connect like minded individuals for companionship, and to spend time together. What you do with that time is up to you and the individual. We are hired by the Angels as a booking, screening, and safety service.

What we do know is if they offer conditional companionship, their condition may be an age restriction, returning clients only, or something to that sense, if it is left blank it is safe to assume that we don't know their restrictions but you are more than welcome to discuss it with them in person.