Insulated Box Liners 

Cost effective box liners that protect cartons and products from temperature fluctuation during shipping.

Insulated Box Liners are a cost effective solution for keeping your cartons protected from extreme temperatures during shipment. These box liners slip are easily applies reducing labour times associated with conventional cold transport solutions. Our liners combined with Gel Ice Packs create an extremely reliable cold transport method.  

Reusable and space-efficient 

Our Insulated Box Liners can be reused which significantly helps to lower costs spent on conventional refrigerated transport methods. Furthermore, our box liners fold down to reduce space when not in use, in order to minimise any loss of work space.

Highly Durable 

Our Insulated Box liners are made from a highly innovative insulation material designed to be extremely resistant to temperature changes within the environment.  The dual layered structure creates a strong temperature barrier which allows these liners to protect goods extremely sensitive to temperature changes such as pharmaceuticals or medicine

Independently tested 

Our insulated box liners have been independently tested against our competitors. It is clear that using an insulated box liner within the transportation process protects your goods from temperature for longer, providing you with peace of mind. 


Labour Efficient 

Our insulated box liners are incredibly simple to use. These liners unfold quickly for easy application, saving you time associated with standard packing and insulation methods.