Perfect for the delivery of a range of food products, sensitive pharmaceuticals and everything in between.  

Gel ice packs are a versatile and cost-effective cold transport solution helps keep your temperature sensitive goods protected during transport, ensuring they arrive without any damage from fluctuating temperatures. Perfectly suited to for the transportation of fresh food or frozen food, meat, seafood, pharmaceuticals, chocolates and sweets, fresh flowers, cheese and many more products. Scroll down to learn more about which gel packs are correct for you   








130 x 203 x 100UM



130 x 203 x 100UM



155 x 254 x 120UM



155 x 254 x 120UM

1000 GRAMS


195 x 300 x 120UM

A range of sizes and custom printing 

Our gel ice packs come in a range of primary sizes to suit a range of different product quantities and specifications. View our size chart to see our available gel ice pack sizes. Custom printing is available on minimum orders of 10,000 ice packs or more.  Enquire about custom printing.    

Finishd Testing Chart 1 .jpg

Independently Tested 

Our products have been independently tested against a number of competitors. Our gel ice packs have faster freezing time, and a extended thaw time meaning your products get cool faster and stay cool for longer, simple as that. 

Non Toxic

Our Gel Ice Packs use a Non-toxic polymer gel that is completely safe for use with all food products. This means that any accidental drops, cuts or spillages are 100% safe and can simply be washed clean. 

Reuse and Recycle 

Our Gel Ice Packs are reusable providing an efficient and cost effective solution for cold transport needs. Our Ice Packs are made from high grade material and can are 100% recyclable which can give you and your customers peace of mind in making an environmentally friendly purchase.

Frequently asked questions

How many Gel Ice Packs do i require?

Unfortunately there is no accurate way for us to determine exactly how many you require. Several variables will effect the optimal amount including; 1) Different Products 2) Climate 3) Transportation time 4) How long the package needs to remain in a specific tempreture range 5) Minumum and maximum tempreture requirements Send us an enquiry and we can assist you on what product would be optimal for your business.

Are the Gel Ice Packs Toxic?

No, as stated above our Gel Ice Packs are 100% Toxin free. Any spillages can simply be washed away or cleaned up with no concern for contanimation.

How Should the Gel Ice Packs Be Used?

1) Lay the Ice Packs flat and freeze at -15 or lower for around 15-24 hours or until completely frozen. 2) For most efficient cooling, place the ice packs on the top and bottom followed by the sides of the package.

Are Gel Packs Enviromentally Friendly?

Yes, our range of products can be reused indefinitely as long as they are not punctured or damaged. The gel of in ice packs is enviromentally friendly and can be washed away, while the plastic pouch is 100% recyclable.

How long does it take for my Gel Ice Pack to freeze?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide an exact estimate. Multiple factors will play a role in ice pack freeze time including:

  1. The tempreture of the ice pack when placed in the freezer
  2. How powerful your freezer is
  3. The other items inside of your freezer
  4. The number of gel ice packs being frozen
  5. The climate/condition where the freezer is located
  6. How often/frequently the freezer is being opened.