Freight and Transportation 

If you are a large courier/transportation company looking for the best cold logistic solutions, look no further than us. We have a range of products that can ensure you get your clients products delivered unharmed by dangerous temperature fluctuations

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Gel Ice Packs

Gel Ice Packs are the most versatile and durable cold transportation product. They help maintain temperate levels during long transportation times. 

Box liner 1.jpg

Insulated Box Liners

Insulated Box liners are well suited to freight companies transporting large quantities of temperature sensitive goods. They are labour efficient and a cheap/reusable way to reliable keep products safe from outside temperature damage during shipping. 

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Insulated Pallet Covers

Our insulated pallet covers slip over  pallets to protect them from ambient temperature changes. Manufactured with a double reinforced air bubble seal, our pallet covers are the highest quality insulators in the industry.