Insulated Bubble  Envelopes

Reinforced mailer envelopes for shipping temperature sensitive or fragile goods.

Our insulated bubble envelopes are a cost effective solution for sending temperature sensitive or fragile goods through the mail. The reinforced double layer creates a durable and waterproof barrier that protects against damages during shipping. Well suited for bulk pack or postage applications.







130mm X 203mm X 100UM

More Sizes Coming Soon

Rigid and Durable

Our Bubble envelopes are a cost effective and easy solution for shipping fragile or temperature sensitive goods through the mail. Our envelopes are made from high quality PET material that is rigid and durable. PET will protect against general wear and tear during transportation

Reliable Insulators

Our Insulated foil envelopes are made from superior insulating material. The outer aluminium layer reflects most ambient temperature and also prevents odour transfer. The insulating properties and time duration of the envelopes can be increased by including a Gel Ice Pack in the bag. 

Labour Efficient 

Our bubble envelopes are easy to use. High slip lining makes fitting and inserting products  easy and quick.The simplicity of use reduces traditional labour costs associated with reinforcing and protecting regular cartons

Frequently asked questions

Will my envelope fit through the mailbox ?

Not all envelope sizes will fit through a mailbox. Conjointly, the size of your envelope with your product will determine if it can fit the Auspost mail requirements. Always check the Australia Post Standards when accounting for postage.

Are Insulated Bubble Envelopes enviromentally friendly?

Yes ! Are insulated envelopes are made from 85% recylcled material and can be recycled when you no longer have use for them.