Electronic Logging Devices 

Smart technology that helps you track and manage the temperature/humidity/airquality of your products during the entire logistical process.

Temperature Data Loggers monitor and report the ambient temperature of your product during transportation. This allows you identify problematic areas during the logistical process. They can also be utilised in the hospitality and HVAC sectors. Our Data Loggers can store up to 16,000 individual temperature readings allowing for long duration's to be completely recorded and mapped out.   

Accurate and reliable

Our temperature data loggers are extremely precise and reliable. This results in peace of mind knowing that you can accurately monitor the temperature of your goods 24/7. Alerts are sent directly to your mobile as soon as the temperature rises above or below a set point. The internal sensor means no probe is required. 

Outstanding Memory

Our Temperature Data Loggers have can record and hold up to 16,000 individual temperature readings. This allows for a comprehensive data overview during the entire logistical process. This information can be directly exported to excel and other programs for further analysis

Multiple Applications 

Our data loggers can be used on conjunction with a number of our other products and application areas. The transportation of delicate vaccines is one example in which it is critical that temperatures remain in a set range. Further, data loggers can be used to determine the correct amount of gel packs for shipments of foods and other products. 

Reduces traditional labour costs 

Traditionally, employees or staff are required to check multiple times a day if the temperature of your sensitive goods. These recordings then need to be manually logged and stored. Our temperature data loggers remove the need for these processes and simplify recording. 

Cold Pack Products provides an extensive selection of Temperature Log Tags to suit a wide range of business applications. We sell Humidity Log Tags, Extreme temperature log tags and vaccine specific log tags. We also sell a range of Log Tag accessories such as wall mounts, cases and sets of external probes. See more about these variants below. 

LogTag Standard

Our standard Log Tag is the best choice for general application and temperature measurement. This tag gives precise readings on temperatures and can store up to 16,000 readings in a single use. These tags can come with a visual display if required.  

Humiditiy Log Tag

Certain applications require measurements of humidity such as server rooms, wine cellars and food storage facilities. Humidity Tags allow for precise humidity measurement just like the standard log tag measures temperature. 

Display Log Tag

The Display Log Tag comes with a small LDC screen that allows you to gauge the temperature of your product without connecting to a computer. Incredibly useful to alert staff to close doors, and for checking sensitive products on the go. This tag has a memory of 7000 readings. 

Dry Ice Log Tag

Our Dry Ice Log Tag is best for extremely cold temperatures. The external probe means an improved battery life and peace of mind that your products are protected from temperature fluctuations 

Vaccine Log Tag

Vaccines and other medical products require pinpoint accurate monitoring to ensure the safety of others and your product. The Vaccine log tag is placed into glycol (a liquid substance that mimics the composition of a vaccine) and hence provides an astoundingly accurate measurement of vaccines during the logistical process. 


All of our Log Tags require an analysing USB port to connect them to your computer. Other accessories we sell include wall mounts for easy storage and hard log tag case for use in dangerous or wet environments.