A more rigid and reinforced gel ice pack for the transportation of extremely sensitive goods such as pharmaceuticals.   


Gel ice packs are a versatile and cost-effective product that helps keep your temperature sensitive goods protected during transport. The extra layer of bubble protection makes Bubble Gel Ice Packs suitable for the transportation of extra-sensitive goods such as pharmaceuticals.

Reinforced Bubble Layer 

Bubble Gel Ice Packs are reinforced and lined with an extra layer of phentermine bubble wrap, specifically designed for insulation purposes. This double layered protection is essential when transporting very delicate products and materials. 

A range of sizes 

Our gel ice packs come in three main sizes to suit a range of different product quantities and specifications. View our size chart for more information on sizing. Unfortunately, custom printing is not available on our bubble ice packs.  

Non Toxic

Our Gel Ice Packs use a Non-toxic gel that is completely safe for use with all food products. This means that any accidental drops, cuts or spillages are 100% safe. 

Independently Tested 

Our products have been independently tested against a number of competitors. Our gel ice packs have faster freezing time, and a extended thaw time meaning your products get cool faster and stay cool for longer, simple as that. Our Bubble Ice packs also last considerably longer than our standard ice packs