Need to Keep it Fresh? 

Cold Pak Products was founded in 2009 with the goal to provide innovative, high quality and reliable cold transport solutions to businesses throughout Australia. Since our inception, our commitment to these goals has transformed us into one of Australia's most trusted and leading cold chain solution providers. 

Living in Australia, we understand the dangers of transporting sensitive products in extreme temperatures. 

Who are we? 

Factory Efficient 

Our wide range of products are small, reusable and collapsible. This will save you the hassle  associated with storing and factory space.

Highest quality

We are committed to sourcing and designing high quality, reliable products. The result, your goods being delivered without any temperature damage. Every time. 

Environmentally sustainable 

Our products are designed to be environmentally sustainable. All of our products are recyclable, reusable and non toxic. 


Our products can be used for a wide variety of goods in different shapes and sizes. Custom printing and sizing is available.